Sona Livson Syrup- Liver tonic 200 ml (Pack of 2)

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Sona Livson Syrup Is One Of The Best Combination Of Ayurvedic Herbs  For Healthy Liver And  Helps To Improve It’s Functions.

Sona Liv-Son Syrup Is A Herbal Remedy That Can Be Used For A Long Period Of Time Without The Worries Of Having Any Side Effects. Regular Use Of This Syrup Will Lead To Improved Metabolism And Digestion Process. The Perfect Blend Of Herbs Improve The Performance Of The Liver.

Sona Livson syrup Has hepatoprotective action and improves the functional capability of the liver. Helps quicken the recovery process and improves restoration of hepatic functioning in case of infected hepatitis. Aids in eliminating acetaldehyde and protects against hepatic damage caused by alcohol.

This Syrup Is Made Using A Perfect Blend Of Ingredients Like Bhuamali, Arjuna, Kakamachhi, Kalmegh, Sarpankha, Bhrigraj, Galo, Kutaki, Pittapapado, Rohitak, Punarnava, Vidang, Kasani, And Chitrak Mool . With All These Natural Herbs, This Natural Syrup Can Help You Get Rid Of The Impurities Harming Your Liver System.

This ayurverdic syrup is known to add protective layers around the liver and also helps in improving the functions. This syrup is all in one formula for complete treatment of liver either infective,fatty, enlarged, alcoholic, or degenerative etc.

Customer Reviews

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naman singh
good quality product

very amazing product .


I love the product so much sona liv-son helped me so much in my digestion and lever problem. I have used 2-3 bottles of it and got very good results from it . I recommend all to try it ones .


very good product this is inform of syrup and very easy to use price is also very low affordable for each . l like sona product

Sona Livson Syrup- Liver tonic 200 ml (Pack of 2)
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