Diabetes Combo Pack Granules With Capsules
ABOUT THE PRODUCT A group of diseases that result in too much sugar in blood (high blood glucose) call diabetes. There are two types of diabetes Type1 (Caused by the immune system destroying the cells in pancreas that make insulin)...
Rs. 906.00 Rs. 599.00
Sona Healthcare B- Vita Granules with Sona Branosin Syrup (Pack of 1)
ABOUT THE PODUCT Increase acetylcholine level in the brain which improve brain function and intelligence Stimulate the mind to improve memory and concentration Work as nerve tonic which stimulate and calm your nervous system. Protect the brain cells from stress...
Rs. 445.00 Rs. 275.00
Anxiety Combo Pack
Rs. 1,170.00 Rs. 880.00
Anxiety Combo Pack
ABOUT THE PRODUCT Anxiety is co exit which depression. Too much mental stress is a trigger that can result in mental disturbances leading to depression or anxiety. Stress is actually a normal physical response to events that make you feel...
Rs. 1,170.00 Rs. 880.00
Anti Aging Combo Pack (Women)
ABOUT THE PRODUCT The modern life style and eating habits of fast food caused the premature aging in the women which reflect in their overall health like premature grey hair, wrinkles on face, acne, dryness in skin, irregular periods, constipation,...
Rs. 680.00
Sona Health care Acidity Combo Pack
ABOUT THE PRODUCT Acidity is a common problem in this modern life style that most people experience at some point or another. It usually manifests as a burning sensation in the chest that leads to restlessness and irritability. The acidity...
Rs. 2,200.00
Anti Oxidant Combo Pack
ABOUT THE PRODUCT Free radicals are harmful highly reactive compounds that causes the destruction of soft tissues, encouraging cells mutations, altering genes, disrupting chemical and hormonal changes in your bodies destroying the optimal function of our glands and thus making...
Rs. 1,092.00 Rs. 820.00
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