Krivi Glutathione Face Serum Brightens Skin Tone ( 5ml )

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About this Product

  • Brightens Skin Tone : Now caring your skin is easy with Krivi Glutathione & Tranexamic Acid face serum with multiple beneficial effect on skin. It works effectively in reducing dark spot and pigmentation while boosting luminosity for bright and illuminating skin.
  • Even Skin Tone : The Krivi Glutathione & Tranexamic Acid face serum help to reduce the production of melanin which can lead to a more even skin tone.
  • Boost Immune System : It helps to boost the immune system which can have a positive impact on health of the skin.
  • Antioxidant : Glutathione has strong antioxidant which has ability to neutralize free radicals thus slow the aging process and keep your skin glowing youthful.
  • Healthy Youthful looking Skin : The other ingredients in the face serum like Vitamin E, Vitamin A help to keep your skin healthy and looking youthful.
  • Safe and Effective formulation : Free from Paraben and sulphate, mineral oil, dyes and other harmful chemicals. FDA approved formula. Safe for daily use . The result depends upon the color and type of skin result visible on from 4-8 weeks. Use Sun Screen before leaving home with SPF 35+.
  • Suitable : Suitable for all skin types and for man and women . It is for every who is looking for youthful and even tone and brighten skin.
    • Brightens Skin Tone
    • Even Skin Tone
    • Anti Aging
    • Healthy and Youthful looking Skin
    • Reduce Dark Spot
    • Cleanse Your face
    • Apply 3-5 drops of the serum on the entire face and neck
    • Massage gently until the serum get absorbed
    • Use twice a day for best result
    • Dull Face skin
    • Uneven Skin Tone
    • Dark Spots
    • Hyper Pigmentation
    • Wrinkles
    • Fine Lines
    • Before using please do a patch test for any allergic reactions

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    Chandani Mishra
    good quality product

    Nice Product👌👌👌👌

    Janvi Patel
    good quality product

    very effective product

    Chetana patel
    very good product

    very nice product

    Shawati Singh
    very good product

    "Excellent Product"

    Krivi Glutathione Face Serum Brightens Skin Tone ( 5ml )
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