Sona Rumison Belly Button Oil for Joint Pain Relief

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Joint pain can refer to discomfort we feel in the joint of our body. Joint pain is caused by a build up of daily stress I our lives that manifests in the body in a vicious cycle. Joint pain causes a continued stress response which then causes physical and emotional responses to stress, which then circles backs to chronic joint pain.

Sona Rumison Belly button oil directly stimulates the vagus nerve through the small intestine under the belly button. It is the vagus nerve that activates the para sympathetic nervous system which triggers the “Rest and Digest” mode for the body which causes the muscles around the stress point to naturally relax and therefore release the pain held in joints.

Oiling the abdomen through Sona Rumison Belly Button oil stimulates the facial tissue under the abdominal wall that hold the muscles and organ together. Fascia is connected like a spider web through the entire body and that’s why stimulating one part of the fascia causes rippling effect on all fascia which help in heal, repair and regenerate. It relax pain and regain homeostasis or natural balance in the body. By oiling the belly button with Sona Rumison Belly button oil you stimulate tissues, nerves, muscles and joints in the entire body to bring the fresh blood and oxygen. This can help you relieve joint pain from stiff neck, shoulders, back, leg etc.

  • Protect and rejuvenates joints cartilages
  • Decreases cartilage damage
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Protect joints from free radicals damage
  • Reduce inflammation of joints
  • Help in Rheumatic disorders
  • Easy movement of the joints
  • Rinse or clean out your belly button and let it dry
  • Lie down comfortable on the bed or couch
  • Put a 3 to 4 drops of oil into your belly button and let it absorb into your skin by massaging it in a circular clockwise motion for beneficial result
  • In morning do not forget to clean the belly button
  • Reduce inflammation of joints
  • Do not use this method if you are pregnant or lacting mother
  • Before using please do a patch test for any allergic reactions

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sweety dutta
good quality product

Good for pain relief

Kamal yadav
good product

very effective product

aditya rai
good quality product

very nice product

anvi shah
very good product

good result use this product .

manij bajpay
very good product

nice product

Sona Rumison Belly Button Oil for Joint Pain Relief
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